Halong Bay – Only a Few Reasons Why this Bay is Truly Special

cruise ship


Halong Bay situated in the North East of Vietnam is recognized among the most unique places in the entire world. It is not only one of the most amazingly beautiful  regions of natural picturesque beauty everywhere, but has garnered plenty of awards in addition to accolades that it has become a travel destination all by itself. Quickly turning out to be one of the most well-liked Asian tourist destinations, it nonetheless manages to preserve its status of being a peaceful and tranquil place.


It has been cited as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is the only place to have received such a citation twice. UNESCO has regarded it as among the most important sites on earth. Numerous boasts transport countless of passengers in this bay. Cruising around 2,000 limestone karst formations reward travelers with an experience that is one of a kind. Taking a seat on the sun deck of some Halong bay cruise liner here, drinking cocktail while the sun bids the day farewell in this divine abode is probably one of the greatest pleasures you can experience in your lifetime.


Among the many islands in this area are some highly interesting and significant caves.  Tien Ong, as an example, embraces an area that is approximately 1,000 square meters. Hang Me Cung or the Maze grottos are an astounding place with amazing stalagmite as well as stalactite formations. Still an example of tremendous importance is Thien Long. The most widely known is probably the surprise cave, Sung Sot Cave, which welcomes visitors by the hundreds on a daily basis. In the heart of the cave is a grotto amid trees and a pond where birds as well even monkeys show up to feed. Know about sapa and halong bay tour here!


The bay is in the list of the 10 most beautiful bays worldwide and has the highest number of islands in the entire region itself. This provides for a wide diversity of plants and animals. Hundreds of marine and plant species can be found here, and additional species constantly gets discovered. There has been an amazing 2,949 species of flora and fauna spotted out here, including 13 endemic species of plant that are not found elsewhere across the world.


Halong Bay is now the most popular single tourist destination in Vietnam, receiving around 8,200 visitors every day during peak season. This is one place you are never going to forget  and where you will get to experience of life’s greatest pleasures ever. Get the vietnam tour packages here!


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