Vietnam Adventure: Try Halong Cruises



It is worth visiting, the Halong Bay of Vietnam. If you are looking for a time to relax, Halong Bay is a great place to do that. There are many options for sightseeing and finding adventure. If you are a lover of stunning beaches and marvelous water and nature, this is the best place to go to. If you will check it online, most adventurers would say that if you remove Halong Bay in your itinerary in your Vietnam tour, you have reduced the fun to just a half. This article will provide you great insights and tips when you travel and enjoy the adventure in Halong Bay, Vietnam.


How to get there? The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi. Make a trip from Hanoi going to Halong Bay by riding a bus. The road from Hanoi going to Halong Bay is safe and not too bumpy. The bus transportations going to Halong Bay are comfortable and very convenient to use. It is very affordable too. And you will enjoy the great views along the way. The trip usually costs around 4-6USD per way. Some companies will include bus trip costs.


How to choose accommodations? Once you get to Halong Bay, you can either opt to get your accommodations from a hotel or stay on the boat itself. The best luxury halong bay cruise provides a vietnam tours package that includes food, water, entrance fees, accommodations, boat trip, and a tour guide. They have cabins to stay on the boat. You can enjoy 2 days and 1 night of stay on the boat complete with meals. It is best to directly book an accommodation thru a hotel or the luxury cruise operator. It is recommended to avoid booking offices in the street.


What to do in Halong Bay? There are hundreds of things to do in Halong Bay. You can do caving, swimming, kayaking, adventure walks, sightseeing, and taking lots of photos. You can ask a local tour guide to help you get to places that are not commonly visited to enjoy quiet and peaceful break from the urban life. On your stay in Halong Bay, you can do shopping for souvenirs or you can try the night life at Cat Ba Island. It is recommended for any adventurer to at least stay one night in Halong Bay to experience a different taste of Vietnam night life. Book the best luxury halong bay cruise here!


If you are looking for a great way to spend your trip in Vietnam, try Halong Cruises.


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